There's Always Room for Dessert!


There's Always Room for Dessert!


Treat Yourself

Our kitchen is just as exciting as the product we put out.  Pairing classic French culinary techniques with bold Asian flavors, we create delectable desserts that are truly original.  Our offerings are curated and crafted with delicacy, attention to detail, and a passion for life's simple pleasures.



Our signature dessert. Each macaron is hand-piped and indivdually decorated to look amazing. Perfect for sharing amongst friends.


A creamy crowd pleaser, our creme brulee is the perfect blend of light and decadent, right from the very first "crack".  


A magical French treat originating from Bordeaux with a thin caramelized shell and rich interior filling. It's love at first bite.

Satisfy your sweet tooth.  


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We are a bakery specializing in classic French pastries with a twist.  Our techniques may be traditional, but our flavors are anything but.  

You can find our pop-up dessert stand across many farmer's markets in the Metro Boston area. We also wholesale to shops and cafes, and provide desserts to weddings, parties, events, and much more. Check out our full range of services here.

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